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Art project by Thomas Bernstrand 1996

Commissioned by Stockholm Cultural Capital of Europe 1998

I choose six cities on earth, of which Stockholm is one. The other five are to be dispersed over the world. One city for each part of the world. In the centre of every city I select an open place, a square or a park. In the selected places I "plant" five cylinders, so-called Geoscopes© , in the existing ground covering. The cylinders are asymmetrically spread out over an area of about ten times ten meters. Every cylinder has that inclination towards the ground that corresponds to the angle of inclination that the cylinder would have had if it went straight through the earth to one of the other five cities. Six cities on earth that are bound together with cylinders that runs fictitiously through the earth. Inside every cylinder a camera and a projector will be placed. The camera in the cylinder that is directed towards say Havana is connected with the projector in the cylinder in Havana, which is directed towards Stockholm and vice versa. Chosen cities on earth are in this way connected together. When a person is looking into the tubes in any of the six cities she can see if there is anyone looking towards them from the other five cities. This way an immediate contact between people in those different countries is created. A person in say Vladivostok can in one moment meet a person in Chicago and in the next turn towards Mecca and connect with another world citizen. People will meet face-to-face and no one or nothing can disturb them. Economical, political, cultural ore religious antagonisms or presumptions cannot have an influence on or affect the contact in these accidentally arisen meetings. The observer meets the people of the world and becomes aware of their proximity and existence. Photo Cecilia Heisser

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